Milwaukee Astronomical Society


Calendars for 2023

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November   2023

Day Date Event Keyholder
Nov 1  Wed  Event: 7:30PM - First Wednesday How To Meeting at the Observatory  
Nov 4  Sat   Jim Bakic
Nov 8  Wed  Event: 7PM Imagers Group Meeting - Virtual Meeting  
Nov 11  Sat   Lee Keith
Nov 18  Sat   Matt Ryno
Nov 20  Mon Board Meeting: 7:00PM
Membership Meeting: 8:00PM - At the observatory in person / remote via video
Nov 25  Sat   Brian Ganiere

If members want to be assured of observatory access on a given Saturday night, they should call the keyholder ahead of time.

Next Keyholders
12/2/2023 12/2/2023: Tamas Kriska
12/9/2023 12/9/2023: Mike Bauer
12/16/2023 12/16/2023: Russ Blankenburg
12/23/2023 12/23/2023: Jim Bakic
12/30/2023 12/30/2023: Lee Keith
1/6/2024 1/6/2024: Brian Ganiere