Milwaukee Astronomical Society


Historical Archive 1950-1959

The highlights of this period are the construction of the B-Dome, addition of the Quonset, and the conversion of the Monastery to the Satellite Shed as the MAS became heavily involved in Project Moonwatch.

Monastery group photo

Taken within the Monastery. Sitting (L to R) : Roy Dodd, Elizibeth Wight, Alfred Memmel. Standing (L to R): Herbert Cornell, Ralph Buckstaff, Roy Lee, Edwin Schoenke, Edward Halbach, Joseph Stevens, William Albrecht.

A-Scope, 1953 Mercury Transit

A-Scope, 1953. Top: Ed Halbach, L. Glendenning, H. Cornell, W. Konig, and D. Knaup. Bottom: W. Albrecht and J. Neff.

1953 MAS Picnic

MAS Picnic 1953

Ed Halbach - Project Moonwatch

Ed Halbach at the chalkboard in the Quonset. Project Moonwatch, 1958.

MAS Grounds - 1951

MAS Grounds in 1951

1955 - Classic MAS Grounds View

Observatory grounds in 1955 shortly after the addition of the Quonset.

MAS Grounds - 1953

MAS Grounds in 1953.

MAS Grounds - 1955

MAS Grounds in 1955.

MAS - 1955 just after the Quonset arrived

MAS Grounds in 1955, soon after arrival of the Quonset.

Project Moonwatch telescopes

Project Moonwatch telescopes - 1958.

Project Moonwatch wind shed

Project Moonwatch observation shed for wind protection. 1958.

Project Moonwatch Wind Shed

Project Moonwatch wind protection shed - 1958.

Buckstaff Observatory (B-Dome) Construction