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The MAS page is geared toward the information most of interest to the membership. But visitors are welcome here as well!

MAS Meetings
Most physical meetings are on hold and most are held via Zoom. Email invitations will be sent to the membership via email. We are now doing limited in person get togethers.

Membership Meeting May 16th at 8:00PM. The Board meets at 7:00PM. Elections.
First Wednesday Meeting
June 1st, 7:30PM at the observatory. Topics: TBD
Astrophotography Interest Group
May 11th at 7:00PM.

New Website Host: The MAS website has a new host provider and our storage availability has been expanded dramatically. This will allow us to post more content, more images at higher resolution, and more of our rich MAS history.

COVID-19 Update: The MAS Board has decided that going forward we will follow the CDC COVID Guidelines. Basically, you do not need a mask if you are fully vaccinated. A good summary can be experienced by going to any business.

90 Years!
Did you know that MAS was formed on September 21, 1932? That means we will celebrate our 90th birthday this year! Our club has a rich history which you can read about in our history section. Throughout the year we plan on showcasing some of that history.

100 Years!
Our B-Scope (officially the Ralph Buckstaff Telescope) turns 100 as of this year. The telescope sat in Buckstaff's extensive home observatory in Oshkosh until 1946 when he donated it to the MAS and we built a domed observatory to house it. Buckstaff joined the MAS in 1934 and remained a member until his passing in 1980.

Ottawa Lake Permission
Our thanks to Jason Doyle who secured a letter of permission for members of our club to use the relatively dark area of Ottawa Lake State Recreation Area of the Southern Unit - Kettle Moraine State Forest after 11:00PM when otherwise you cannot. It is a good idea to print out the letter and have it with you. And keep in mind that you still need to purchase a day pass or an annual state park sticker.

Current Universal Time

MAS Members Events Calendar Introducing the MAS Membership Event Schedule. This will be updated as new events are added or updated.

Calendars for 2022

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May  2022

Day Date Event Keyholder
May 4  Wed Event: 7:30PM - First Wednesday How To Meeting at the Observatory  
May 7  Sat   Brian Ganiere
May 11  Wed Event: Astrophotography Interest Group Meeting at 7:00PM - Via Zoom. Invitations will be sent to the membership.  
May 14  Sat   Paul Borchardt
May 16  Mon Board Meeting: 7:00PM - Via Zoom. Elections.
Membership Meeting: 8:00PM - Via Zoom. Invitations will be sent to the membership via email.
May 21  Sat   Gene Hanson
May 28  Sat   William Gottemoller