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Milwaukee Astronomical Society Observatories

MAS Observatory

Milwaukee Astronomical Society Observatory occupies three acres in New Berlin.

18850 W Observatory Rd, New Berlin, WI  53146

The MAS observatory was first established in 1937 with a small roll off shed on a hilltop in New Berlin. Construction of the first observatory building and dome was started soon after. Over the decades that followed, the observatory has grown into a quality research facility. Today, CCD equipment allows observers to make state of the art observations. All of the buildings and domes along with most of the telescopes were built by the members. The members also provide the labor for maintaining the equipment on the hill. The observatory is funded by the membership dues and donations.

Video Tour of the Grounds

Our Observatories / Telescopes / Facilities

Pictures of the overall grounds and our observatories and facilities.

Armfield Observatory which we usually call the A-Dome. Our first domed observatory and home of the Edward A. Halbach telescope, a 12.5 inch f/8.8 Newtonian reflector.

Buckstaff Observatory which we usually call the B-Dome. Our second domed observatory and home of the Ralph H. Buckstaff telescope, a 12.5 inch f/7.4 Newtonian reflector.

Albrecht Observatory which we also call the C-Shed. A rolloff roof structure and home of the C-Scope), currently a Celestron C9.25-S-GT Advanced Series GT Schmidt-Cassegrain.

D-Shed. A rolloff roof structure and home of the Kyle Baron Telescope (D-Scope), an 18 inch f/4.5 Obsession Reflector.

Ray Zit Observatory AKA Z2 / E-Shed. Home of the E-Scope, a Meade 10" f/6.7 LX-200 Schmidt-Cassegrain on a CGEM DX computerized equatorial mount.

Jim Toeller Observatory / F-Shed. Home of the F-Scope, a F-Scope, currently a Stellarvue SVQ-100 APO f/5.6 astrograph refractor with a ZWO ASI1600MM Cool camera, mounted on an Astrophysics GTO900.

Z Dome. Home of the G-Scope, a 14-inch Celestron EdgeHD SCT on a Astrophysics GTO1600 mount. Also, the MAS office and control room for the Toeller, Tangney, and Solar Observatories.

Tangney Observatory / T-Shed. Home of the T-Scope, a 12 inch f/10 Meade LX200.

Solar Observatory. Home of a pair of solar telescopes.