Milwaukee Astronomical Society


Front Page Archive - 2017

Here are the photos and articles that have appeared on the front pages of the MAS website during 2017.

Our New Solar Observatory. Above are a few pictures from the construction this year of our Solar Observatory. It becomes our 9th observatory structure. We thank everyone who helped!       

Our Newly Remodeled Quonset. Above are a few pictures from the completed remodeling project started last fall. Our Quonset is now something our entire club can be proud of. Our thanks to all the members who helped out, but especially Tamas Kriska, Agnes Keszler, and Jeff Kraehnke.

Our newly refurbished Quonset Hut meeting / lecture hall.

Unfortunately, we will not be holding an open house at the observatory on August 21 for the solar eclipse.

Eclipse glasses? They are the hottest item around and they are now almost impossible to find. We've been getting a lot of requests for where to get them, but we're at a loss. Even if we find a place that has them, by the time we relay it that source will be out. Your best bet is to do an internet search.