Milwaukee Astronomical Society


Historical Archive 1940-1949

The period sees Ed Halbach start his 35-year reign as our Observatory Director. But, sadly, it's a slow start as the observatory will be basically closed throughout World War II because of gas rationing.

MAS Grounds 1940

Observatory Grounds - 40's

MAS Grounds - 1940

Observatory Grounds - 1940

Aurora Observing

Photo of C.M. Prinslow, E.Halbach, & W. Albrecht observing aurora. National Geographic Magazine.

Bill Albrecht at the Patrol Camera

1946 - Bill Albrecht at the Patrol Camera.

Aurora Observing

1947 - C.M. Prinslow, W. Albrecht, and E. Halbach observing aurora.

1946 Milwaukee Hobby Council

MAS display at the 1946 Hobby Council at the Milwaukee Auditorium.

Clubhouse / Monastery assembly

Club House (aka Monastery) assembly in 1940. A voting booth building that will serve as the observatories office and sleeping quarters.

MAS Grounds 1940

Observatory grounds in early 1940 after completion of the Clubhouse / Monastery. Note the outhouse at the left.

All major planets in one photo

Ed Halbach Planetary Conjunction - February 25, 1940

Orion Postcard

MAS Postcard - Orion. Sometime in the 40's.

Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula from the MAS Observatory

Saxon - Livingston Optical Shop

1941 - Saxon & Livingston's Optical Shop

Orion Region - Patrol Camera

Region of Orion. Constellation of Orion including Sirius. Taken with the Patrol Camera.

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