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Front Page Archive

Here are the photos and articles that have appeared on the front pages of the MAS website.

A New Parking Lot Sign! We purchased a new MAS sign for the parking lot to replace the old one that was falling apart. It sure looks great!

L.E. Armfield - Star of Bethlehem

Can the Star of Bethlehem be explained scientifically? Here is an article written by Luverne Armfield who was the founder of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society.

Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction

If you've been looking in the southwest sky just after sunset you might have seen Jupiter and Saturn very close in the sky. Jupiter is the bright one while Saturn is fainter. Night after night they'll get closer to one another until the evening of December 21st when they will be just 1/10th of a degree apart (1/5th the width of the full moon)! These two planets have not been this close since the year 1623 A.D.! However, you might read accounts that it was 1226 because the planets were too close to the sun for it to be visible. After the 21st, the planets will start to separate.

Tamas Kriska - 120 issues of the Focal Point

120 Issues of the Focal Point! We both congratulate and thank the Focal Point editing team of Tamas Kriska and Agnes Keszler for publishing our great newsletter for the last 10 years. These images show the first page of the 120 issues.

MAS Domes and Gate Paint and a Gate! We painted the A and Z Domes and now have a gate at the entrance. The gate now has a combination lock which all members can use for gain access to the grounds. If you need the combination, you can email the Webmaster by clicking here.

The B-Scope turns 100. The Buckstaff Telescope, better known as the B-Scope, turns 100 years old! Click/Tap here to read the article in the Focal Point.