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Buckstaff Observatory - B Dome

Buckstaff Observatory - Ralph Buckstaff Telescope Ralph Buckstaff, a long time member, donated this scope to the MAS. He was an active observer of the Sun, lunar occultations, and variable stars. This was his personal telescope which he donated.

The Buckstaff Observatory houses the Ralph Buckstaff Telescope, a 12.5 inch f/7.4 reflector. It is usually referred to as the "B" Scope. This is another Newtonian telescope on a German equatorial mount with a clock drive. 14 inch RA and DEC setting circles are used to manually position the scope. A 50mm finder is available.

100 Years Old

The B-Scope was made for Ralph Buckstaff in 1921. Initially it was a plate glass mirror with a diameter of 12.25 inches. Later, when pyrex glass became available, it was changed to a 12.5 inch.

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