Milwaukee Astronomical Society


First Wednesday Meetings

Our First Wednesday meetings are named that because they generally occur on the first Wednesday of every month. You can check here on the website, in the Focal Point newsletter, or an announcement on our Google Group if the date needed to be moved.

The First Wednesday meetings are held at our Observatory and is a great opportunity to learn. The emphasis of "First Wednesday" is to show members of the club how to use the equipment your club has to offer. This is a "How To / Hands On" experience. Newer members find this especially helpful, but any member with questions on equipment or wanting a refresher should come.

There is no set agenda for these meetings -- what will be covered is whatever the attendees would be interested in learning more about --- including:

  • using observatory telescopes,
  • selecting eyepieces,
  • eyepiece adapters,
  • connecting cameras,
  • connecting computers,
  • finding objects in the sky,
  • whatever questions we can answer.

You can also bring your own telescope out if you need help setting it up or aiming your finder device.

Your club is one of the most well equipped astronomy clubs in the country and there is more here than you can learn in any one visit. You may find yourself coming to more than one of these, but I hope you will come to this one and enjoy this learning experience.