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Orion Over Lake Michigan, Late Summer, Early Morning

Orion Over Lake Michigan, Late Summer, Early Morning


Photo by Matthew Ryno


Scope / Lens

Vixen AX103s



ZWO ASI2600mc Pro



12 minute integration time, 120 seconds x 6



Astro Pixel Processor



Baader UV/IR Cut Filter, 0.7 Reducer



Sep 9, 2023



One of the things I like about the overlook of Lake Michigan where I live is the peace and quiet, while listening to the waves crashing against the bluff with Orion high in the eastern sky and a beautiful moon. I took this shot of just 6x 120 second images, via a quick stack processed in Astro Pixel Processor, which some of our early arrivals were able to see a frame of on my tablet in color.

Sometimes in our haste to develop the perfect picture, I think we neglect to just post and enjoy what we can see. So with a record low amount of time spent on processing this, just 15 minutes, I wanted to post in that spirit to encourage more like it. To hold on to images sometimes is to not share something enjoyable, and an experience - in this case, our first early look at the Orion nebula over Lake Michigan at 3:30am, as I set up for Comet Nishimura. Early arrivals to our star party were able to see 1 120 second image projected on my tablet as I acquired the frames, and it was a lot of fun.

This image is 6x 120 second frames, processed and stacked in APP.


Secondary Object

M43 - Emission


ID: 1473

Other Images by Matthew Ryno