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Apply for a Gift Membership

Consider giving the gift of a membership to the Milwaukee Astronomical Society. On the form below you will fill out your information as the gift giver and then the info on the gift receiver. You specify the date you will present the gift so we will not contact the receiver with our introductory materials too soon.

Though we encourage you to apply for membership via our online form, we also give you the option of using a "paper" form via a PDF.

Gift Application Via a PDF Form

Click here to download a PDF application form.

Gift Application Online

If you're giving a membership as a gift, please fill in this first section with your name and contact information. We will only contact you for confirmation and if more information is needed and will not contact the recipient until the date of the gift. You should provide a different email address and phone number from that of the recipient because otherwise your surprise may be spoiled.

Our communication is done almost exclusively via email, but we ask address and phone info as backup.

In this section, enter the information for the gift recipient:

Recipient Google Group Email Option: (Can be changed anytime by recipient!)
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Payment Options:
You can pay your dues with a credit card (via Stripe), thru PalPal, or by writing a check.
Hit the Submit button to send the application. But please be patient as it can take up to 20 seconds to execute.

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