Milwaukee Astronomical Society


Supporting the MAS thru Amazon Smile


What is Amazon Smile?

If you regularly shop for items online at Amazon, they have a program called Amazon Smile which they will give 0.5% of the purchase price of selected items to a selected charity, such as the Milwaukee Astronomical Society.

Keep in mind that one of the best things about this program is it costs you nothing. The donation is being done entirely by Amazon. The price of your purchase item is exactly the same. 

How does it work?

We are already registered as a qualified charity. But to use Amazon Smile you must already have an Amazon account and then register your preference of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society. You can press here or on the logo below to sign up. However, your purchases are not automatically credited to the MAS. For that to happen you must initiate your purchase through and not Also, keep in mind not all items are eligible.  

Is there a catch?

It is healthy to be skeptical of a large corporation's motivations so you might ask, what's in it for Amazon? The answer is simple: more business. What they are hoping is this program will influence your buying habits; that you'll be predisposed to use Amazon when you might otherwise not. We are not advocating this! After all, the amount of their contribution is just 0.5%. That means we would get just $50 from $10,000 of sales. Hardly what you would call a windfall. Our stance is you should only use Amazon Smile when you would otherwise already be using Amazon.