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Aurora Borealis, March 23, 2023

Aurora Borealis, March 23, 2023


Photo by Chad Andrist


Scope / Lens

Tokina atx-i 11-16mm F2.8 CF



Canon EOS 60D (modified)



From Forecasters did not see this one coming. On March 23-24, auroras spread into the United States as far south as New Mexico (+32.8N) during a severe (category G4) geomagnetic storm--the most intense in nearly 6 years. The cause of the storm is still unclear; it may have been the ripple effect of a near-miss CME on March 23rd. These developments may have been caused by the close passage of an unexpected CME. The storm cloud could have left the sun on March 20-21 when SOHO coronagraph data were unusually sparse. We didn't know it was coming. For aurora watchers, it was a welcome surprise.



Mar. 23, 2023


ID: 1423

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