Milwaukee Astronomical Society


1935 MAS Group Picture

In December of 1935, professional astronomer Harlow Shapley visited the MAS at the home of Luverne Armfield, speaking about Novae Herculis. Shapley and all those in attendance gathered for a group photo in Armfield's backyard which at that time was the de facto location of the MAS Observatory. The photo was taken by Ed Halbach.

Photo Key

1. Carl Frister
2. Miss Beckwith
3. Harold Stamm (?)
4. Herbert Cornell
5. Herbert Grunwald
6. Arthur Fotsch
7. Dr. Harlow Shapley
8. Lynn Matthias
10. George Diedrich
11. Mathew J.W. Phillips
13. Raymond Cooke
14. Frank Dieter
15. Mrs. Armfield's sister
18. Gertrude (Neighbor)
19. Dorothy Armfield
20. George Knott
21. Luverne Armfield
22. Walter Scott Houston
23. Laurel Jean Armfield