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Venus Jupiter Conjunction - Gene HansonVenus / Jupiter Conjunction
From the MAS Observatory. Canon T3i, with a Canon 28-135 lens, shot at about 70mm. 5 sec.
June 2015
Photo by: Tom Schmidtkunz

St. Patrick's Day Aurora by Chad AndristAurora - St. Patrick's Day from Slinger, WI
Camera: 60D, Lens: Canon EFS 18-200mm F3.5 - 5.6. Processing: Photoshop CS5, Adobe Lightroom 4. Full Res and info at Astrobin.
Mar. 2015
Photo by: Chad Andrist

Venus / Mercury Conjunction - Gene HansonVenus / Mercury Conjunction

January 13, 2015

Photo by: Gene Hanson

PG1634+706PG1634+706 - Quasar
Quasar nearly 9 billion light-years away. TOA-130F, f/5.3, STF-8300M. Unfiltered, 3 min exp.
July 2014.
Photo by: Dennis Roscoe

Albireo by Sue TimlinAlbireo - Beta Cygni
Wiesen Telescope, 18 inch f/4.5 Obsession.
July 2013
Photo by: Sue Timlin

Moon-Venus_Jupiter_Conjection - Gene HansonMoon / Venus / Jupiter Conjunction

December 1, 2008

Photo: Gene Hanson

Shadow of Mauna Kea after Sunset - Al HoveyShadow of Mauna Kea after Sunset

Photo by: Al Hovey

Green Flash Recorded from the Summit of Mauna Kea in HawaiiGreen Flash Recorded from the Summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii
August 4, 2006
Photo by: Al Hovey

Saturn V 3rd stage of Apollo XIISaturn V 3rd stage of Apollo XII

Photo by: Neil Simmons

Moon and M45Moon and M45
Piggyback on A-Scope using a 5" F5 lens with a 35mm camera using 64 DIN color slide film.
Photo by: Paul Borchardt