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Comet 46P/Wirtanen, M45, & California Nebula  by Shubhendu SadhukhanComet 46P/Wirtanen / M45 / California Nebula
Camera: Astro moded Canon T3i, Lens: Canon 70-200 F2.8ISLII @ 70mm F5.6. Exp: 26X3 min, ISO 1600. Process: Data acquisition using KStar-Ekos and Processed in PI & Photoshop. Dec. 2018
Photo by: Shubhendu Sadhukha

Comet 46P/Wirtanen & M45  by Tamas Kriska and Jeff KraehnkeComet 46P/Wirtanen and the Pleiades
Canon 60D w/ 200mm Canon L-series Lens, Piggyback on B-Scope. 25 x 30 sec images. Acq. with Backyard EOS. Process: PixInsight & Photoshop. Full res/info at Astrobin. Dec. 2018
Data by: Tamas Kriska  Processing by: Jeff Kraehnke

Comet 46P/Wirtanen by Arun HegdeComet 46P/Wirtanen
Camera: 5D Mark IV. Lens: Canon 400mm f/5,6L. 19x 90 seconds. Integrated in PixInsight using the Comet alignment routine.
Dec. 2018
Photo by: Arun Hegde

Comet 46P/Wirtanen by Tom SchmidtkunzComet 46P/Wirtanen
Canon Rebel (red-sensitive) with a Canon 400 F5.6 L lens. 4 min exposure.

Dec. 2018
Photo by: Tom Schmidtkunz

Comet 46P Wirtanen by Gabe ShaunghnessyComet 46P Wirtanen
Scope: Takahashi FSQ106-EDXIII, Camera: QHY16200A, RGB: 36x1min, Total: 36 min. Process: SGP, PHD2, APCC, Pixinsight. Full res/info at Astrobin.
Dec. 2018
Photo by: Gabe Shaughnessy

Comet 21p Giacobini-Zinner and M35 by Chad AndristComet 21p Giacobini-Zinner and M35
Scope: Takahashi FSQ106EDXIII, Camera: ZWO ASI1600MMC, LRGB, 10x60s each, Tot: 6 min. Process: Pixinsight, Adobe Lightroom, and Photoshop CS5. Full res/info at Astrobin. Sept. 2018
Photo by: Chad Andrist

Comet Lovejoy (C2014 Q2)Comet Lovejoy - C2014 Q2 

6 X 5min exposures tracking on the comet.  TOA-130F, f/5.3, STF-8300M.
Jan. 2015
Photo: Dennis Roscoe

Comet ISONComet ISON

Nov 2013

Photo by: Dennis Roscoe

Comet PannstarsComet Panstarrs
Canon 60D DSLR w/ Canon EFS 18-135 lens piggy-backed on A-Scope. 5 sec exp. at ISO 800, Mar 2013.

Photo by: Tamas Kriska

Comet MacholzComet Macholz
January 2005

Photo by: Steve Diesso

Comet Ikeya-ZhangComet Ikeya-Zhang
May 3, 2002
Photo by: Steve Diesso

Comet Ikeya-Zhang,Comet Ikeya-Zhang

T-Scope scope 100 seconds with the ST9, unfiltered
2002 Mar 11
Photo by: Gerry Samolyk

Comet LinearComet Linear
B-Scope, f/7.4, and ST9, 210 sec, 21 of 10, camera tracking on the comet
2000 Jul 24 UT MAS Observatory
Photo by: Paul Borchardt

Comet Hale-BoppComet Hale-Bopp 
Konica 80mm ISO 3200 2.5 minutes. From Kettle Moraine State Park.
Mar 31, 1997

Photo by: Unknown

Comet Hyakutake by John AsztalosComet Hyakutake
From Colorado. Taken on 3-25 (local time)- 1996. Tail going through Big Dipper. 35 mm lens @f/2.8. Ektachrome 1600, 4 min ex.
Mar. 1996
Photo: John Asztalos

Comet HyakutakeComet Hyakutake 
Piggyback on A-Scope using a 105mm lens with a 35mm camera using 400 DIN color slide film.
Mar 1996

Photo by: Paul Borchardt

Comet West by John AsztalosComet West

The comet over the observatory with A and B Domes in foreground.
Early March, 1976
Photo by: John Asztalos

Comet Kohoutek by John AsztalosComet Kohoutek

Under the full moon with Venus and  Jupiter, looking West.
Early January, 1974
Photo by: John Asztalos

Comet Bennett by John AsztalosComet Bennett

From the observatory.
March 29, 1970
Photo by: John Asztalos

Comet Bennett by John AsztalosComet Bennett

From the observatory, looking east.
March 27, 1970
Photo by: John Asztalos