Milwaukee Astronomical Society


Historical Archive 1960-1969

The highlights of this period are the addition of 2 acres to the site, adding restrooms and a darkroom to the Armfield Observatory, new optics for the A-Scope, and the start of the grazing lunar occultation program.

MAS Grounds - 1965

Observatory Grounds - July 1965. View from the SW looking NE.

B-Dome 1965

View from A-Dome looking west toward the B-Dome. July, 1965.

Sputnik 4 parts donated to the MAS

Sputnik 4 parts donated to the MAS.

Parts from Sputnik 4 with verification letter from Ed Halbach.

Tom Williams with Sputnik 4 parts as verified by Ed Halbach.

Jupiter Moon Conjunction by John Asztalos

Moon Jupiter conjunction on Oct. 19, 1968 - SLR picture from A-Scope by John Asztalos. Published in S & T.

MAS Grounds postcard taken around 1960

MAS Observatory post card - around 1960

Ralph Buckstaff Observatory around 1960

Ralph Buckstaff's observatory in Oshkosh. The original home of the B-Scope.

Ralph Buckstaff's Observatory in Oshkosh

Ralph Buckstaff's Observatory in Oshkosh. The original home of the B-Scope.

Ralph Buckstaff 16-in Cassegrain reflector

Ralph Buckstaff's 16-in Cassegrain reflector