Solar Observatory

Solar Observatory TelescopesThe MAS Solar Observatory is the newest of the observatories on the grounds, completed in August of 2016.

The observatory itself is a SkyShed POD which was purchased by the club solely on donations from our members.

The observatory houses two solar telescopes mounted side by side. The primary instrument is a Lunt 80mm H-Alpha pressure tuned telescope with the Doppler True Tuning System. The second telescope is the so-called White Light telescope which uses a Herschel Wedge for filtering. It is a 5 inch f/5 refractor.

The imaging for these two scopes can be remotely controlled from the lower level of the Z Dome in the control room.

Unfortunately, because of leaking problems with the dome portion of the observatory, in early 2018 we decided to purchase a replacement dome from Nexdome which is designed to fit perfectly over the old dome. It immediately fixed our leaking issues.


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