Ray Zit Observatory

Zit Observatory This observatory currently houses a pair of telescopes. It is named for Ray Zit who donated his 14" f/5 telescope and this observatory was built to house it. Ray was an active member for several decades and served as Observatory Director from 1977-80.

The building was dedicated in 2002. Find out more from the Focal Point article and its dedication.

In 2014 it was replaced with a pair of telescopes with GOTO capability so they can be easily used by our membership. They are the M-Scope (a Celestron Advanced VX-8) and the F-Scope (a Celestron C14 on a CGE PRO computerized equatorial mount). The F-Scope has since been moved to the new Toeller Observatory. The observatory was modified to effectively raise the roof in order to provide more head room for the telescopes.

Zit Observatory / M-Scope Gallery
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