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The MAS page is geared toward the information most of interest to the membership. But visitors are welcome here as well!

MAS Meetings
All physical meetings are on hold and all will be held via Zoom. Email invitations will be sent to the membership via email.

Membership Meeting September 20th at 8:00PM. The Board meets at 7:00PM.
First Wednesday Meeting
October 6th at 7:30PM.
Astrophotography Interest Group
September 8th at 7:00PM.

COVID-19 Update: The MAS Board has decided that going forward we will follow the CDC COVID Guidelines. Basically, you do not need a mask if you are fully vaccinated. A good summary can be experienced by going to any business. We understand that some of our members/guests will not be totally comfortable with this, but participation is entirely voluntary.

100 Years!
Our B-Scope (officially the Ralph Buckstaff Telescope) turns 100 as of this year. The telescope sat in Buckstaff's extensive home observatory in Oshkosh until 1946 when he donated it to the MAS and we built a domed observatory to house it. Buckstaff joined the MAS in 1934 and remained a member until his passing in 1980.

10 Years! 120 Issues!
We congratulate Tamas Kriska and Agnes Keszler for their 10 years of service as editors of our club newsletter, Focal Point. They started with the January, 2011 issue and have faithfully published it every month without exception. So the December 2020 issue was their 120th. The MAS cannot thank them enough!

Ottawa Lake Permission
Our thanks to Jason Doyle who secured a letter of permission for members of our club to use the relatively dark area of Ottawa Lake State Recreation Area of the Southern Unit - Kettle Moraine State Forest after 11:00PM when otherwise you cannot. It is a good idea to print out the letter and have it with you. And keep in mind that you still need to purchase a day pass or an annual state park sticker.

Current Universal Time

The B-Scope turns 100. The Buckstaff Telescope, better known as the B-Scope, turns 100 years old! Click/Tap here to read the article in the Focal Point.

Calendars for 2021

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September  2021

Day Date Event Keyholder
Sep 1  Wed Event: First Wednesday Meeting at 7:30PM - Via Zoom. Invitations will be sent to the membership.  
Sep 4  Sat   Jim Bakic
Sep 8  Wed Event: Astrophotography Interest Group Meeting at 7:00PM - Via Zoom. Invitations will be sent to the membership.  
Sep 10  Fri Event: Open House - 7:00-10:00PM  
Sep 11  Sat   Russ Blankenburg
Sep 18  Sat   Paul Borchardt
Sep 20  Mon Board Meeting: 7:00PM - Via Zoom.
Membership Meeting: 8:00PM - Via Zoom. Invitations will be sent to the membership via email.
Sep 25  Sat   Brian Ganiere