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The MAS page is geared toward the information most of interest to the membership. But visitors are welcome here as well!

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MAS Board Meetings
Our next Board meeting is on August 12th at 7:00PM at the Observatory. The general membership is welcome to attend!

First Wednesday Meeting
Next meeting: August 7th, 7:30PM at the observatory. Topics: TBD

Next Open House Night
Our next Open House night will be on July 19th. We will need your help!

MAS Annual Picnic
The picnic is scheduled for Aug. 10th starting at 4PM. Members only! See the June Focal Point for details.

Election Results
We have two new board members: Gabe Shaughnessy and Mike Wagner. All of the officers were re-elected, except Lee Keith was elected to Vice-Present. The Board voted to make Paul Borchardt a Founder Member.

We now have a brand new F-Scope, a Stellarvue SVQ100 F5.8 Astrograph to replace the C14. And a new imaging camera, a ZWO ASI1600MM Cool. The mount is an AP GTO900. It sits in the Toeller Observatory. Testing is complete and it is now in operation

Current Universal Time

The MAS Periodic Table of Messier Objects. Here is the status of our effort to image every Messier object. We are soliciting images from all members to help us complete this chart. When complete, a large poster will be made and hung in the Quonset.

Calendars for 2018

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Day Date Event Keyholder
December 1  Sat   Tom Schmidtkunz
December 5  Wed Event: 7:00PM - First Wednesday How To Meeting at the Observatory  
December 8  Sat Event: Christmas Party - Members Only. 4:00PM at the Observatory. See the November Focal Point for details. Sue Timlin
December 15  Sat   Paul Borchardt
December 22  Sat   Brian Ganiere
December 29  Sat   Lee Keith