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The MAS page is geared toward the information most of interest to the membership.  But visitors are welcome here as well!

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MAS Meetings
Our next meeting will be a Board Meeting on July 9th at the Observatory at 7PM. The membership is always invited.

First Wednesday Meeting
July 11th, 7PM at the observatory. Topics: TBD.


Next Open House Night
Our next Open House "night" will be on June 23rd. We will need your help!  

Work Party
Next work party on Saturday, June 16th at the observatory.  


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Latest News / Links

Open House Nights 2018
We will be looking for as many volunteers as possible, especially when there is clear weather when the crowds can be substantial. 

Summer Work Parties
With the good weather, we will need as much help as possible for the Observatoy projects. At the top of the agenda is putting in a new floor in the A-Dome. Look for announcements on the web calendar and on the Google Group.

Board Election Results At the May Meeting, we elected 2 new board members: Jim Bakic and Jim Schroeter. Jeff Kraehnke was elected for a 2nd term.

New Solar Observatory Dome
We decided to replace the dome on the Solar Observatory rather than buying a tarp. This has immediately solved our leaking issues.

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MAS Gets a Wikipedia Page

MAS Gets a Wikipedia Page!  Our newest bragging rights: we now have our own Wikipedia page. This makes the MAS only one of a handful of clubs with this honor. See previous articles from the MAS front page in the Article Archive.