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M81 - NGC 3031 - Galaxy


Location Data
Constellation: Ursa Major
Right ascension: 9h 55.6m
Declination: Declination: 69° 4′
Distance:  ly
Size:  ly

Observation Data
Apparent magnitude: 8.5
Apparent size: 21' X 10' arcmins

M81 Location - Image From Stellarium

The images With Blue Borders were taken using equipment provided by the MAS Observatory
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M81 / M82 Wide Field  by Arun HegdeM81 / M82
Widefield: Canon 5D Mark IV w/ 400mm f/5.6 at /6.3. 26 frames at 100 secs each. Process: RNC color stretch and Photoshop.
Jul. 2018
Photo by: Arun Hegde

M81 / M82 by Arun HegdeM81 & M82
Mount: Fornax Lightrack, Camera: 5D Mark IV, Lens: 400mm f/5.6 stopped down to f/7.1, 57 lights x 30 seconds and 10 darks.
May 2018
Photo by: Arun Hegde

M81 & M82 by Jeff KraehnkeM81 & M82
Scope: Stellarvue SVA130T f/5, Camera: QSI690-wsg8 with Astrodon filters, Ha/L: 10x10mins, RGB: 7x10mins. Total Integration 5.7 hours. Process: PixInsight & PS
Mar 2018

M81 / M82 by Chad AndristM81 and M82 - Bode's Galaxy & The Cigar Galaxy
Scope: Tak FSQ106EDXIII, Camera: ZWO ASI1600mmc. Red: 25x60s, Green: 25x60s, Blue: 25x60s, Ha: 40x120s, Total: 2.6 hours. Process: AP ASCOM, SGP 3, PHD 2.6, Pixinsight, CS5. Mar. 2018
Photo by: Chad Andrist

M81 / M82  by Jason DoyleM81 / M82
Scope: Comet Hunter 152mm F/4.8 Mak Newt, Camera: Canon 60D w/ CLS Clip filter. Exposure: 60x3min@1600 ISO, 10 darks, 20 bias, 10 flats. Stacked in DSS, Photoshop. Mar. 2018
Photo by: Jason Doyle

M81 / 82  by Paul BorchardtM81 & M82
F-Scope, HyperStar at f/1.9 Canon T5 DSLR. 150 min. exp, 60X150 sec. Processed in Nebulosity and Photoshop.
Apr. 2017
Photo: Paul Borchardt

M81  by Jeff Krahnke and Clark BrizendineM81 - Bode's Galaxy
From the MAS Observatory. Scope: Stellarvue SVA130T w/ 0.72 FR/FF resulting in f/5. Camera: ZWO 178MC-Cooled one-shot-color CCD. Exposure: 160 min. 16 images @ 10min each.  Processing done in Pixinsight. Feb. 2017
Data: Jeff Kraehnke, Processing: Clark Brizendine

M81 M82 Chad AndristM81 & M82
80mm refractor at 480mm FL. Exp: 14x60s RGB, 14x120s L, Ha
May 2016
Photo: Chad Andrist

M81 / M82 by Gabe ShaughnessyM81 & M82
Scope: TMB92SS at f/4.4, Camera: QSI683-wsg8, L:12x5min, RGB:8x5min each.
Mar 2016
Photo: Gabe Shaughnessy

M81 & M82  - Paul BorchardtM81 & M82
F-Scope, HyperStar at f/1.9 Canon T5 DSLR. 52.5 min. exp, 21X150 sec.
Mar 2016
Photo by: Paul Borchardt

Remotely from NM. TAK TOA-150 refr, FLI ML8300 camera. 6 15 minute exp with a single shot color camera.
Feb 2010
Photo by: Tom Schmidtkunz

April 28, 2003

Photo by: Steve Diesso