Renew Your Milwaukee Astronomical Society Membership

Do you have to renew your membership? If you are not sure you can check by reviewing the list of renewed members through the end of 2017. If your name is there, you have already renewed. If it is missing, you need to renew.

Members Renewed Through The End of 2017

If you need to renew, fill in the information and then hit "Submit" at the bottom of this form.  You will be taken to the payment page where you can choose to pay online via PayPal or send a check.  However, if you prefer to fill out a paper form, download this Renewal PDF.



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Membership Type - A Resident is defined as a person living in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee, or Washington counties. Non-residents are all other locations. Keyholders must pay resident dues.

   Select one of the following:

  $46.00  -  Resident  Individual
  $52.00  -  Resident  Family
  $23.00  -  Resident  Student
  $28.00  -  Non-resident  Individual
  $32.00  -  Non-resident  Family
  $20.00  -  Non-resident  Student


Payment Option. You can pay your dues thru PayPal (giving you the option of using a credit card), or by writing a check. Keep in mind there is a $2 surcharge for the PayPal option.




The club is no longer administering the subscriptions for Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines. However, you can still get the discounts!. Contact us at

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