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M51 - NGC 5194 - Galaxy


Location Data
Constellation: Canes Venatici
Right ascension: 13h 30m
Declination: Declination: 47° 11′
Distance:  ly
Size:  ly

Observation Data
Apparent magnitude: 8
Apparent size: 11' X 7' arcmins

M51 Location - Image From Stellarium

The images With Blue Borders were taken using equipment provided by the MAS Observatory
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M51 by Jeff KraehnkeM51
Scope: Stellarvue SVA130T on CGEMDX, Camera: QSI690-wsg8 using Astrodon LRGB L: 12x1min RGB: 7x10min TOTAL: 3.7 hours. Process: PixInsight & PS
Apr 2018
Photo by: Jeff Kraehnke

M51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy by Gabe ShaugnnessyM51 - The Whirlpool Galaxy
LRGB - Scope: TMB130SS, Camera: QSI690-wsg8. 5 hrs total exp. L: 18x5min, RGB: 14x5min each. Software: SGP, PHD2, APCC, Pixinsight.
May 2017
Photo: Gabe Shaughnessy

M51 by Chad AndristM51 / The Whirlpool Nebula
Scope: 8" TPO RC. ASI1600MMC cooled CMOS mono camera. Total exp: 1.3 hours. L:15x30s, R:14x60s, G:15x60s, B:15x60s, Ha:14x120s.
Mar. 2017
Photo: Chad Andrist

M51 - Whirlpool Nebula  by Chad AndristM51 - Whirlpool Nebula 
Scope: Vixen R200ss, Guiding: SX Lodestar on Orion 50mm mini scope, Mount: Celestron CGE, Camera: QSI660WSG-8, Filters: Astrodon Series 2 LRGB, Acquisition: Sequence Generator Pro, Pre/post process in Pixinsight. Data: L: 11x120s 1x1, R: 9x120s 2x2, G: 6x120s 2x2, B: 6x120s 2x2. Aug 2016
Photo: Chad Andrist

M51  by Paul BorchardtM51 - Whirlpool Galaxy
B-Scope. Canon T3i at ISO 1600. Total exposure: 45 minutes. 60 exposures at 45 seconds each. Stacking done in Nebulosity and processing done in both Nebulosity and Photoshop. July 2016
Photo: Paul Borchardt

M82 - Images by Tom Schmidtzkunz, processing by Chad AndristM81
Remote NM. Planewave CDK 431mm f/4.5, Cam: FLI-PL6303E, L:9x300s, RGB:3x300s.
Apr 2016
Image: Tom Schmidtkunz. Processing: Chad Andrist

M 51M51
Remote from NM. TAK Epsilon 250 10" refl, SBIG ST8XE camera, 5 hrs exp = L (6 x 600sec binned 1:1, + 4 hrs L contributed by a friend), R, G, B (4 x 300sec, binned 2:2).
May 2011
Photo by: Tom Schmidtkunz

M51 and NGC 5195M51 and NGC 5195
F3 photo of M51 through Z scope. It is a combination of 3 X20 second exposures
Photo by: Scott Jamieson

ST9 B scope 20 @ 30 sec. red & green, 28 @ 30 sec. blue
Photo by: Paul Borchardt

M-51 (NGC 5194) and NGC 5195M51 - NGC 5194 and NGC 5195
"B" scope, f/7.4, and ST9, 300 sec, 15 of 20
2000 Jun 3
Photo by: Paul Borchardt