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M33 - NGC 598 - The Triangulum Galaxy


Messier 33 (M33), commonly referred to as the Triangulum Galaxy is a Spiral Galaxy located in the constellation Triangulum. M33 is the third largest member of our Local Group of galaxies. The Triangulum galaxy also contains one of the largest H II regions known, measuring 1,500 light years in diameter. This galaxy is located about 3 million light years from earth and is approximately 60,000 light years in diameter. It was officially discovered by Charles Messier in 1764.

Location Data
Constellation: Triangulum
Right ascension: 1h 33.9m
Declination: Declination: 30° 40′
Distance:  3,000,000 ly
Size:  60,000 ly

Observation Data
Apparent magnitude: 5.7
Apparent size: 73' X 45' arcmins

M33 Location - Image From Stellarium

The images With Blue Borders were taken using equipment provided by the MAS Observatory
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M33 - Widefield by Arun HegdeM33
Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV, Lens: 400mm f/5.6 shot wide open. ISO 800. 80 minutes. 20 flats and no darks. Process: BYE, PixInsight, and LR.
Oct. 2018
Photo by: Arun Hegde

M31 M32 M33 - Widefield by Arun HegdeM31, M32, M33 Widefield
Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV, Lens: 85mm f/1.8 @f/2.8. ISO 800. Exp: 90 secs X 30, Total: 45 min.
Sep. 2018
Photo by: Arun Hegde

M33 - Jason DoyleM33 - The Triangulum Galaxy
Scope: Explorer Scientific Comet Hunter F4.8 152mm, Camera: Canon 60D, 80 frames - 3 min @ 1600 ISO. 6 frames - 4 min @ 1600 ISO. Total exp: 4 hours 23 minutes. Process: DSS & PS.Lightroom. Jan. 2018
Photo: Jason Doyle

M33 by Paul Borchardt and Clark BrezindineM33 - Triangulum Galaxy  
F-scope, Canon T5 DSLR and a light pollution filter. 30 exposures at 3 minutes each for a total of 1.5 hours. Processing was done with Pixinsight. 
December 2016
Data: Paul Borchardt, Processing: Clark Brizendine

M33 - Triangulm Galaxy  by Chad Andrist / Nolan ZadraM33 - Triangulum Galaxy
Scope: Explore Scientific 127ED f/7.5 triplet, Camera: SBIG 8300c OSC CCD. Exp: 2 hours. Pre and post processing in Pixinsight.
November 2016
Data by Nolan Zadra, Data & Processing: Chad Andrist

M33 by Paul BorchardtM33   
F-scope, Canon T5 DSLR and a light pollution filter. 30 exposures at 3 minutes each for a total of 1.5 hours. Processing was done with Nebulosity and Photoshop. 
October 2016
Photo: Paul Borchardt

M33 - The Triangulum Galaxy  by Gabe ShaugnnessyM33 - The Triangulum Galaxy
Scope: TMB130SS, Camera: QSI683-wsg8, Guide Camera: Starlight Xpress Ultrastar, Mount: Mach1 GTO, L: 23x10min, RGB: 13x5min each, 7.1 hrs total exposure. Sep. 2016
Photo: Gabe Shaughnessy

F-Scope, Hyperstar at f/1.9
Canon T5 DSLR.
Oct 2015
Processed by: Steve Volp

TOA-130F, f/5.3, STF-8300M. LRGB. Total exp: 4.0 hrs (6X10 min for each band.)
Oct. 2015.
Photo: Dennis Roscoe