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M17 - NGC 6618 - The Swan Nebula


Messier 17 (M17) is an emission nebula with many names - the Swan Nebula, Omega Nebula, Checkmark Nebula, Horseshoe Nebula and Lobster Nebula. It is located in the Milky Way region near the constellation Scutum, but actually belongs to the constellation Sagittarius. This nebula is one of the brightest and largest star-forming regions of our Galaxy. M17 contains a 35 star Open Cluster named NGC 6618, however the entire nebula actually contains an estimated 800 stars. The nebula's red and pink colors are due to glowing hydrogen gas. M17 is located about 5,500 light years away and is 15 light years in diameter. It was discovered by Philippe Loys de Chéseaux in 1745.

Location Data
Constellation: Sagittarius
Right ascension: 18h 20.8m
Declination: Declination: -16° 11′
Distance:  5,500 ly
Size:  15 ly

Observation Data
Apparent magnitude: 6.0
Apparent size: 11.0' arcmins

M17 Location - Image From Stellarium

The images With Blue Borders were taken using equipment provided by the MAS Observatory
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M17  by Paul BorchardtM17 - The Nebula with too many names. 
Scope: Stellarvue SVQ100 F5.8, Camera: ZWO ASI1600MMC, Ha,OIII,SII: 24X30 sec. Total: 6 hrs. Process: GP, PHD 2.6, Pixinsight, Photoshop CC. Full Res at Astrobin. Sep. 2018
Photo by: Paul Borchardt

M16-M17  by Paul BorchardtM16-M17 Region 
Camera: CANON EOS REBEL T5i, 100mm f/2.8. 
Sep. 2018
Photo by: Paul Borchardt

M16 / M17 - Widefield by Arun HegdeM16 / M17 - Widefield
5D Mark IV, 400mm f/5.6L @ f/6.3. 41 lights and 8 darks of 100 sec ea. @ ISO1600. Process: DSS, DWB, RNC Color Stretch, & PS.
Jul. 2018
Photo by: Arun Hegde

M17  - Paul BorchardtM17
F-Scope, HyperStar at f/1.9 Canon T5 DSLR. ISO800, 40 min. exposure, 20X120 sec.
June 2016
Photo by: Paul Borchardt

M8 - F Scope f/1.9M17 - Swan Nebula
F-Scope, Hyperstar at f/1.9
Canon 60D DSLR, 10 30 sec exp.
Aug 2015
Photo by: Tamas Kriska

Swan NebulaM17 - Swan Nebula
TOA-130F, f/5.3, STF-8300M. 5nm NB Filters, Total exp: 10.5 hrs (3hr Ha, 3hr SII, and 3.5hr OIII).
June 2014.
Photo by: Dennis Roscoe

M17 - Swan NebulaM17 - Swan Nebula

B Scope, ISO 1250,18 X 1 minute exposures stacked.
Sept 2013
Photo by Tamas Kriska

M17 - Swan NebulaM17 - Swan Nebula

TOA-130F, f/5.3, STF-8300M, 13 X 5 min exposures stacked.
Sept 2013
Photo by: Dennis Roscoe

M 17M17
Remote from NM, TAK Epsilon 250 10" refl, SBIG ST8XE camera, 2 hrs exp = L (6 x 600sec binned 1:1), R, G, B (4 x 300sec, binned 2:2).
Jun 2011.
Photo by: Tom Schmidtkunz

M17 (NGC 6618)M17 (NGC 6618)
B-Scope scope, f/7.4, and ST9, 240 sec, 16 of 15
2000 Jun 3
Photo by: Paul Borchardt